4/23/2020 Pastor Jackson publishes new sermons at  Liberty Baptist Church of Lamar, Missouri Podcast, please check it out.

10/08/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: What’s the Matter with King Saul?

10/08/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: David and His Enemies

10/01/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: How to Walk Straight in a Crooked World

09/27/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: 1 Thessalonians 5

09/24/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: When Crisis Comes…

09/20/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: 1 Thessalonians 4

09/17/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Child Training 102: You Reap What You Sow

09/17/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Child Training 101: What Does the Bible Say?

09/13/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: 1 Thessalonians 3

09/10/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Best is Yet to Come

09/03/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Whatever Happened to Faith?

08/27/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Days of Noah

08/20/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: An Eclipse of Biblical Proportion

08/13/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Key to Victory is Surrender

08/06/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Changed! (The Missionary of Gadara)

07/23/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: When Christians Sink

04/15/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Calvary – What Happened on the Hill?

04/09/17 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Day the Donkey was Quiet and the Lamb Threw a Fit

04/19/15 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Unpardonable Sin

02/22/15 Pastor Jeff Quigley: One Thing God Cannot Do

02/15/15 Pastor Jeff Quigley: What Does a REAL Christian Look Like?

02/11/15 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Let’s Get REAL

10/12/14 AM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Seven Steps to True Joy Part 1

10/12/14 PM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Seven Steps to True Joy Part 2

09/28/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: WOW

09/21/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Old Testament Armor

09/14/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Five Steps on the Path of God

09/07/14 AM Pastor Jeff Quigley: A Man Named Jephthah

09/07/14 PM Pastor Jeff Quigley: A Mistake by Jephthah

08/31/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Don’t Give Up

08/24/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Don’t You Know?