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10/12/14 AM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Seven Steps to True Joy Part 1

10/12/14 PM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Seven Steps to True Joy Part 2

10/05/14 Sunday School Matt Pringle: The Purpose of Darkness

10/05/14 Sunday AM Matt Pringle: Preeminence is Displayed

10/05/14 Sunday PM Matt Pringle: Where is Your Desire?

10/06/14 Monday Matt Pringle: Is Your Name Really Nabal?

10/07/14 Tuesday Matt Pringle: This is the Way

10/08/14 Wednesday Matt Pringle: The Standard-Bearing Mighty Man

09/28/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: WOW

09/21/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Old Testament Armor

09/14/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Five Steps on the Path of God

09/07/14 AM Pastor Jeff Quigley: A Man Named Jephthah

09/07/14 PM Pastor Jeff Quigley: A Mistake by Jephthah

08/31/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Don’t Give Up

08/24/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Don’t You Know?

08/17/14 AM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Zacchaeus Part 1

08/17/14 PM Pastor Jeff Quigley: Zacchaeus Part 2

08/10/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Bartimaeus

08/03/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Answer of Amos

07/27/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: What is That Smell?

07/20/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Servant of the King

07/16/14 Wednesday Evangelist David James: Revelation Part 5

07/15/14 Tuesday Evangelist David James: Revelation Part 4

07/14/14 Monday Evangelist David James: Revelation Part 3

07/13/14 Sunday PM Evangelist David James: Revelation Part 2

07/13/14 Sunday AM Evangelist David James: Revelation Part 1

07/13/14 Sunday School Evangelist David James: Israel vs. Islam

07/06/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Despise Not Prophesyings

06/29/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: How to Win When You Think You Can’t

06/22/14 Missionary Jerry Hickey: The Mystery of Christian Unity

06/15/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: My Daddy’s Bigger than Your Daddy

06/08/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Hope of a Harlot

06/01/14 Missionary Jason Stevens: Living By Faith

05/25/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Four Things to Remember

05/18/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: What’s Wrong With the Law?

05/11/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: How About a Brand New Start?

05/04/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: With the Bible in Our Hands

04/27/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Whatsoever Thy Hand Findeth to Do

04/20/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Why the Cross?

04/20/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: The Origins of Easter

04/16/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Crucifixion: Wednesday or Friday?

04/13/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Delivered on the Doorstep of Death

04/02/14 Missionary Kirk King (Albania): Missions is About Obedience

03/30/14 Missionary Lem Javier (Philippines): Jesus and the I.R.S.

03/23/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Psalm 126:6 – Bearing Precious Seed

03/16/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Keys to A Happy Christian Life: Part 3

03/09/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Keys to A Happy Christian Life: Part 2

02/23/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Keys to A Happy Christian Life: Part 1

02/16/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Three People You’ll Meet in Heaven: Philippian Jailor

02/09/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Three People You’ll Meet in Heaven: The Damsel

02/02/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Three People You’ll Meet in Heaven: Lydia

01/26/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: They Who Turned the World Upside Down

01/19/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Making Your Life Matter (Remembering Dale Litle)

01/12/14 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Strengthen the Things Which Remain

01/05/14 Missionary Richard Crotts: The Church

12/29/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: A Prayer, A Prophecy and a Promise…How NOT to Finish

12/22/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Mary Was Entrusted

12/15/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Mary Was Exemplary

12/08/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Mary Was Expecting

12/01/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Mary Was Espoused

11/24/13 Pastor Jeff Quigley: Thanks in Time of Trouble

11/16/13 Dave Hardy: Discipleship

11/16/13 Dave Hardy: Why Should we Share Our Faith?

11/16/13 Dave Hardy: The Understanding of the Times

11/15/13 Matt Pringle: Satan-Pleasing Christians

11/14/13 Matt Pringle: Be No More Children

11/13/13 Matt Pringle: The Enemies of the Cross